Questions and Answers

What do I do if I forget my userID or password?

CLICK HERE to email the administrator.

Where do I find information about the board meeting?

Under the "About Us" tab, find the link to the Board Meetings page.  You can also check the calendar at the bottom of the home page.

Where did the information on "Registering to Vote" go to?

It's now under the "Elections" tab.

Why can't I find information on Volunteering anymore?

You can, if you get an account with us and sign in.  When you sign in, you have an opportunity to mark your interests.  There is also a Volunteer tab on the navigation bar after you sign in, and a few other goodies.

Where did all the old information go?

It's still there, mostly under "Information."  Some of it you will have to get an account to see.

Why aren't Democrats in office on this website?

This is the Republican party.  We usually provide a link to the state and county government officials pages, where everyone can be viewed, but we only promote Republicans.

What do I see if I sign in?

You can change things on your account, including volunteer settings, and anything else you are authorized for. 

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