How to Be a Good Neighbor (intro)

Who is my neighbor?

We have learned that everyone is our neighbor, even strangers we don't know or trust.  We even envision the far-away foreigner as a "neighbor" to "coexist" with.  But how well do we know the ones that live on our on our street?  Some insist they're neighbors with everybody, and end up being neighbors with — nobody. 

If you have 500 friends on Facebook, most of whom you've never met, and can't name your 8 closest neighbors, you are not alone — 90% of our population can't do it.  There are a lot of reasons for this phenomenon, and I'm sure you can name several, but it boils down to the fact that we get too busy to notice that people around us need a good neighbor.  And maybe we could use one, too.

Being Mindful

Being a good neighbor takes a little mindfulness, and some time and effort.  How long has it been since you gave more thought to your neighbors than a cursory look in their yard?

Some neighbors are obvious about who they are.  Others are harder to get to know.

Some are simply invisible — the ones you've never met, but you know they exist, because you've glimpsed signs of life around their house.  You know they have children, because the van that comes and goes from the garage has a stick-figure decal on the back window.

People have lots of ways to hide these days, whether or not they intend to.  So neighboring must become a mindful activity now.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors

To help you get started, here are some activities for you.  These assume that you have signed up for an account and have claimed some households on this website.  Once you identify a few Republicans you'd like to get to know:

Level 1:   Learn the names they prefer to go by, and use those names when you talk to them.

Level 2:   Learn a fact about them that isn't visible (such as their favorite color or music style). 

Level 3:   Learn what that is important to them.

Yup, that's right.  You're gonna have to talk with them.  And you'll have to build trust with them.

The degree to which you become a good neighbor to those nearest you is the degree to which you will benefit, your neighbors will benefit, and society will benefit.

This is a long, slow process.  We recommend starting with Republicans. 
Ultimately, you'll want to get to know everyone, but the Republicans are a good subset for you to begin with, as you have something in common with them already.

A Warning

Start with a genuine interest in getting acquainted.  Even mentioning politics could turn off the flow of good feelings in these first stages.  We hope this exercise will help you build lasting relationships.

What's in it for the LCRP?

If you are serious about being a good neighbor, we can help you to some degree, by giving you some defined blocks, and some idea of who these people are.  Yes, our expectation is that you will help us get out the Republican vote.  We also know that people who are good neighbors can do this better than anyone. 

If you know your neighbor, you can help us do things that are hard and expensive for us, but so easy for you, when you know your neighbors well.  The information on our system can help you:


You will be building relationships of trust with these people, and that's important.  So, obviously, we need to talk about reporting.  Do not give us emails or phone numbers, or any other information, of people who would be angry about it.  Please indicate when you make contact, so that we can ascertain the success of this program.  Your Precinct Committeeperson may have questions for you from time to time, but nothing that violates the trust of your neighbors.

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