Fellow Larimer Republicans,           


I write to you as your new Chairman of the Larimer Republican Party. I want to start by stating clearly that I am a representative of your interests and am open to questions, comments, and concerns that you might have about the state of our county. I am disappointed about the election results for Larimer and pledge to work, without rest, to correct these results moving forward.


The newly elected board members of Larimer bring an exciting and new way of thinking coming out of a disappointing election. We are working to establish a better relationship with our county and know that within a few months we will regain your trust. This party has failed to accurately represent conservatives in Larimer County and for too long your voice has been ignored. We are action orientated and have a passion to seek out strong conservative candidates that will proudly represent conservative principles that have ultimately created the greatest country in the world. The time for timid talk and false promises are over and we will engage our conservative base with integrity and clear direction. We are aware of the problems with our public schools, infrastructure, government overreach, media misrepresentation, and voter integrity. We aim to be the representation of you the voter and will work to regain your trust every day until our terms expire. I am excited about our journey and trust this board to exceed expectations with the outcome of what Larimer desires for its future. Frustrations aside, I ask that all conservatives get engaged in their local politics starting with the Larimer County Republican Party. We are here to inform you of all issues that go against our conservative ideals in the county and ask for your input when we stray from what is going on in Larimer. This party is only as good as its communication with its base and to be blunt, we are not getting our message across due to lack of email and cell phone contacts. I call all to action that you throw out your current opinions of the past county party and plead you give us an opportunity to prove ourselves in the coming months.


With patriotism and honor I pledge to work with anyone that chooses to give their opinion and engage with their local community. This party is only as good as the people that are willing to press the agenda of change and believe me, change is here! We will no longer lay silent, we shall no longer let our definition be that of another, and we shalt not waste another ounce of energy on that which does not represent the conservatives in this county. Stand beside this new Republican board and let's renew the connection of Party and People.


Please don't hesitate to contact me on my personal cell or email.


Ron Weinberg

Chairman, Larimer County  Republican Party

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